Zambia’s modern military equipment for Police to safeguard peace

Zambia’s Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo has said the newly procured modern military equipment for the police will help to safeguard the peace of the nation from reckless individuals before, during and after next year’s general election.

Kampyongo said during the handover of the equipment that its purpose is to solely protect the citizens. Kampyongo further indicated that the equipment will further enhance the operations of the police service and improve service delivery.

Police inspector general Kakoma Kanganja explained that the new equipment were procured from China under the polytech deal.

However, a civil rights activist Brebner Changala has questioned and condemned government's motive to purchase 122 anti-riot equipment at an undisclosed fee for the 2021 general elections.

Changala wonders why the state is anticipating civil disobedience such as riots in Zambia, a peaceful democracy which has witnessed several smooth transitions of power.

He has described the venture as reckless expenditure in a poverty-stricken country in need of many basic needs such as food and proper healthcare for its people just because of fear of losing power by the ruling party.

Changala told Phoenix News that the venture is frightening and intimidating to citizens portraying a picture of a Zambia that is at war or preparing for war.

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