Wonderful Savuti: Botswana’s wilderness untamed

As a remote area of the Chobe National Park, Savuti has become globally renowned as the ultimate safari destination. Savuti is blessed with the presence of some of the most sought after cats. Lions and leopards are I abundance. Also known as Savute, this area is a prime destination to see nature unspoiled. Highly recommended is a camera as a visit to Savuti without an opportunity is almost impossible, the golden hours of dusk and dawn are every photographer’s dream.

The Channel

The Savuti Channel runs from Chobe to Mababe carrying water for a distance of about a 100km through a sand ridge gap. Where the water enters the depression, a small marsh is created. The flow of the water is believed to flow due to the influence of tectonic forces and had stopped flowing for many years due to these same forces. The dry period emerged in 1982 though in 2008 it became wetter and the movement of water up the channel reemerged. Dereck and Beverly Joubert excellently documented the process of this water flow in the films Stolen River and Journey to the forgotten River.

The Marsh

A long span of dryness gave the Savuti Marsh some haunting scenery with the appearance of specter like trees. These trees make the perfect foreground for photography with a background of the quintessential African sunset. During the wet season a multitude of bird species flock to the marsh as well as Zebra and so the marsh is thus place where the fortunate may witness lion kills.


While the Northern part of the Chobe National Park closer to the Victoria Falls is the most visited part of the Chobe National Park, the southern area, Savuti is a less visited area of natural splendor. Savuti provides excellent year round game viewing. The Savuti lions are famed for their ferocity specialized at hunting the many zebras, giraffes, buffalo and elephant in the area though they often have to deal with the equally plentiful hyena. The rainy period from November to April is the best time to visit Savuti. Unsurprisingly, due to their nature, leopards are present though harder to come by.


Savuti is most easily and most commonly accessed through the Savuti airstrip, from where you will be collected to travel via 4x4 to whichever lodge you are staying at. Lodges are available on both sides of the Savuti Channel and include Savute Safari Lodge, Ghoha Hills Eco Lodge, Camp Savuti, Thobolo’s bush lodge and Selinda Explorer’s Camp among others.

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