Wilderness Safaris’ donates food hampers to rural communities - 4th time running

Despite being in one of the most hard-hit sectors of the economy -tourism, by Covid-19 pandemic, Wilderness Safaris has just completed one of the biggest Covid-19 food relief donations, the 4th since the pandemic started. The donations were made in the greater Ngamiland and Central Kalahari areas, the peripheries in which the Safari Operator conducts business.

The latest donation drive saw the Wilderness Safaris team and their partners traverse the area from Sankuyo, Shorobe, Tubu, Habu, Seronga, Gunotsoga, Eretsha, Beetsha to Gudigwa in the Okavango.

The gruelling exercise saw the Wilderness team, led by the Community Liaison Officer Lesh Moiteeela and managing Director Kim Nixon donate food hampers to over 1000 beneficcies, most of whom are in the Okavango area. The exercise involved official hand over to the village Dikgosi at the Kgotlas, which would then be followed by the physical deliveries to the homesteads of the beneficiaries.

And, in a rare feat of dedication and passion the team were efficient in the exercise, doing atleast 2 villages a day and handing about 200 hampers, mostly in the scotching heat. According to Nixon, the company will make another food donation in February next year.

He further said the donations were made possible through the company and its outreach globally with donors.

“This would not have been possible without the tremendous efforts and care of our funders Karin Frohlich, colleagues at Lieb Management and friends in Germany as well as our Chairman’s Foundation,” Nixon said.

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