Palesa Motsewetsho; Little Miss Princess of the World Botswana

Having been crowned Little Miss Princess of the World Botswana on May 5th 2020, 13 year old Palesa Motsewetsho is set to represent Botswana at the international Little Miss Princess of the World pageant.

To understand her ambitions and hopes we speak to Palesa who is in form 2 at Botlhale International School and also to CEO and Director of Little Miss Princess of the World Botswana, Tebbie Lebanna.

Palesa has said that her major ambition is to raise awareness towards gender-based violence and challenge female stereotypes. “I want to create a safe place for children and women, to challenge and influence others to chase their own ambitions.” Palesa said.

Palesa further said she believes what makes her stand out is her way of understanding the problems that teenagers face. “As a teenager myself, I understand that we go through a lot but as a black, female teenager I understand a lot more.”

Palesa’s role models are her mother and former Cabinet Minister Bogolo Joy Kenewendo as they inspire her and give her motivation to succeed. Palesa possesses strong will to win and has ideas of what she seeks to represent if she does win.

“I hope to showcase the youth of Botswana and their ability to overcome their fears, to follow their dreams no matter the cause.”

CEO and Director, Tebbie Lebanna said that Palesa could not take part in the 2020 international pageant, which was held in Bulgaria due to the travel restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lebanna said that the 2021 edition of the pageant will be held in June yet she is not certain whether Botswana will take part since as travel restrictions are still in place and Covid-19 cases are still rising.

The international event will unfold over 8 days. On the first day, Palesa would have to go through the day of all nations where various countries will display their national cuisines, clothing and other cultural items.

The second day will be highlighted by the planting of the tree of friendship where all contestants will bring soil from their respective countries to place in one basket in which the tree will be planted.

On the subsequent two days, Palesa would have to participate in the modeling and fashion show, while the fifth day will be for contestants will showcase their singing prowess, which would then be followed by processes leading to the crowning on the last day.

Lebanna has urged parents and children to show more interest in beauty pageants because they mold children’s self esteem and confidence adding, “It is also a vehicle for child development, helping to build character and promote love and friendship among children from various backgrounds and nationalities.”

According to Lebanna, the international pageant is a global platform to demonstrate the talents and ambitions of Batswana youth and to provide the world with a glimpse of Botswana’s culture.

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