Moremi Game Reserve –Delta’s oldest protected area

Moremi game reserve is the oldest protected part of the Okavango Delta. The reserve covers the Eastern part of the Delta and was named after Chief Moremi of the BaTawana.


The Moremi Game Reserve was established by the inhabitants of the area. It is one of the first reserves to be established thus as many before were established by colonial powers before Botswana’s independence. The BaTawana under the leadership of the wife of the late Chief Moremi III, concerned about the depreciation of wildlife numbers took the decision to proclaim Moremi a game reserve in 1963. Mrs. Moremi and the BaTawana sought to establish a natural sanctuary to preserve animal population decline from uncontrolled hunting and cattle encroachment.

Diversity of Ecosystems

This is among the fascinatingly enduring aspects of Moremi Game Reserve. Within less than 5000 square kilometers, there are floodplains, mopane woodlands, acacia forests, Papyrus Rivers and lagoons. This dense diversity of ecosystems is fascinating even to seasoned travelers of the African continent. It’s therefore no wonder that this “Eden” has been a protected area for so long. Having such diverse ecosystems in one area is unusual and it’s imperative for scientific and environmental reasons to maintain this diversity and as a legacy for future generations.

Diversity of Life

Diversity of ecosystems means diversity of life. There are around 500 different bird species. With the translocation of rhino to the area, Moremi Game Reserve has become a “Big 5 destination”. The reserve has all the animals one may associate with the classic safari experience. Poaching remains a concern particularly for the endangered rhino, with demand for rhino horn reaching up$60,000/kg.

Where to stay

There are many camps at Moremi Game Reserve. The reserve is densely packed with predator and prey and as such Moremi is a premier safari destination. Some of Moremi’s camps include Camp Okavango, Chief’s Camp, Xakanaxa, Mombo Camp, Okuti Camp and Camp Moremi. Chief’s Island has many camps as it is a highly sort after destination. Most activities are catered for by camps with fully stocked safaris both on water and land. Leopard sites are common in the area so cameras are a must to capture rare moments.

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