Limkokwing University Contributes P1.2 Million Towards Botswana’s Covid:19 Relief Efforts

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology donated a total of P 1 200 000.00 towards the Botswana Covid:19 Relief efforts. The donation which is a personal contribution by the University’s Founder and President Tan Sri’ Dato Sri Paduka Limkokwing was officially handed over to Office of the President on Wednesday 20th May, 2020 by Vice Chancellor Dr. Gape Kaboyakgosi and received by the Vice President His Honor Slumber Tsogwane as part of the University’s endeavors in assisting, expressing empathy and solidarity to the Government and people of the Republic of Botswana in the fight towards the global Corona Virus Pandemic. When receiving the donation, the Vice

President thanked the University for the generous donation stating that it will go a long way in assisting Batswana during this difficult time.

The P1.2 million contribution consisted of P500 000 .00 (five hundred thousand Pula) cash donation towards the Covid:19 Relief Fund account, P 300 000.00 (three hundred thousand Pula) worth of Covid:19 relevant Creative Content, P200 000.00 (two hundred thousand Pula) worth of Face Masks, and scholarships to the underprivileged for the 2020 New Academic year worth P 200 000.00 (two hundred thousand Pula).

Tan Sri Limkokwing donates Face Masks towards Botswana’s Covid:19 Front Line Service Providers

Founder and President of Limkokwing University Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Limkokwing donated masks worth P200 000.00 to support front liners in Botswana who are currently serving the nation during the COVID-19 outbreak.

This personal gesture by Tan Sri Limkokwing is part of his global philanthropic campaign under the Let’s Heal the World Foundation which also strives to make the world a safer place especially for the front liners who are dedicating their lives to saving the lives of others.

“We want to contribute in whatever way possible to lessen the impact of the pandemic and to show our appreciation to the brave front liners for their sacrifice, dedication and contribution during Botswana’s hour of need,” said Tan Sri Limkokwing. “It is times like this that we really need to step up and be united, putting aside our differences, and work together in our collective fight against Covid-19.

The Founder/President of Limkokwing University also said that he is fully committed to support the Botswana government in the fight to end Covid-19.

Global Humanitarian efforts to instill peace and goodwill

For the past 50 years Tan Sri Limkokwing, through the Limkokwing Foundation of Global Peace has undertaken many humanitarian efforts to bring about hope and peace to many parts of the world. The Heal the World peace campaign is powerhouse movement driven by Limkokwing University and its students to alleviate the suffering of war-torn countries or countries facing natural disasters such as those in the African continent and other countries such as, Palestine, Haiti, Pakistan and Philippines.

Among his global humanitarian efforts, is directing the election campaign for the late Nelson Mandela and the ANC in South Africa’s first ever multi-racial election in 1994, designing the STOP EBOLA campaign in Sierra Leone to bring about awareness of the dangers of the disease and initiating the Global Humanitarian Appeal for Bosnia-Herzegovina to raise funds for the reconstruction of a country devastated by war.

Let’s Heal the World global campaign

Tan Sri Limkokwing has dedicated his life to uplifting the lives of others. In Africa and Asia, through the 12 universities established there, he has provided access and opportunities for education on a philanthropic model. Over the years, he has established partnerships with UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP, UNHCR, The Commonwealth and other world organizations to promote world peace and understanding across the 160 countries where the University’s students come from. The University is a member of the UN Academic Impact.

Scholarships worth P200 000.00 for the August 2020 Intake

Limkokwing is committed to increasing access to tertiary education for the youth of this Botswana and as a result the Tan Sri Limkokwing found it befitting to donate scholarships to selected groups of potential students who were unable to get government sponsorships worth P 200 000.00 for the 2020 new academic year. Limkokwing University has in past donated scholarships worth over 15million to people living with disabilities, the creative industry and the media fraternity in Botswana.

Covid:19 Relevant Information Creative Content

As the Botswana only University of Transformation, Limkokwing also produced creative content in the form of 2 Public Service Announcement Videos in English and Setswana, aimed at teaching the public about safety measures to take in curbing infections by the virus as well as a video titled ‘Heal the World’ which encourages unity and lends support to those in the frontlines to flatten the curve during this difficult time.

With Covid:19 threatening global peace and security, the video features Limkokwing students from across the world in a rendition of hope and harmony in these challenging times. The PSA Video has been airing on Botswana Television and many mainstream media platforms while the ‘Heal the World’ video has been uploaded on all Limkokwing University official social media platforms for global exposure.

Students remain our greatest priority

The university remains committed to assisting all students with support platforms for teaching and learning and is working round the clock to ensure all precautionary measures are in place for returning students as well as new students to commence physical learning soon. Limkokwing continues to offer innovative programmes that shape careers of the future and create the most unique environment that fulfils the creative needs of young people. An environment that is professionally equipped for the 21st century learning where government, industry and academia collaborate to focus and empower the next generation of creative thinkers through creativity and innovation.

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