Khama Rhino Sanctuary – Conservation and Tourism

At the heart of many of Botswana tourism’s mandates is conservation of species for the next generation and in Khama Rhino Sanctuary this mandate is somewhat realized. Khama Rhino Sanctuary was established in 1992 for the conservation of both the black and the white rhino species. Located near Serowe, Botswana in the Central District, the sanctuary as also created to restore the area to its former glory as a place teeming with wildlife.


Though it’s getting better through such conservation efforts in both Botswana and South Africa, a few years ago the endangered state of the Rhino a few years ago as incredibly critical. Khama Rhino Sanctuary has a rhino-breeding programme, which hopefully can resuscitate this critical state of the Rhino population. Relocation of the rhino from places where there are in danger to where it’s safer is among the most essential of activities in these efforts to rescue the Rhino population.

Nature Activities

At Khama Rhino Sanctuary, there are very skilled and knowledgeable rangers. You can engage in self-drives as Khama Rhino Sanctuary has maps available and designated routes and signs. Aside from this you can take a game drive with 2 rangers, nature walks, educational activities for school children and Rhino tracking with rangers.


Accommodation is relatively more affordable at Khama Rhino Sanctuary than at other places offering similar attractions. There are different accommodation styles available dependent on one’s interest and budget. There are dorms available as well for school children and teachers on field trips. For families and individuals there is camping and chalets. Chalets vary in price according to size and amenities available. If you are a supporter of conservation and a lover of nature, then the Khama Rhino Sanctuary maybe the ideal weekend retreat for you.

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