Helicopter Horizons: View the Okavango Delta From Above

By Ryan Blumton

In this week’s Echo Travel we take to the skies with Helicopter Horizons, a private helicopter charter tour operator that allows guests to marvel at the splendor of the Okavango delta from the sky.

We speak to Laura Morrison of Helicopter Horizons to learn more about the tour operations.

“Moments after departing guests will enjoy the breathtaking views seen only from a helicopter. Our most popular flight is a 45 min scenic flight from either Maun or from any camp within the delta.” Morrison said.

“I would say the majority of our guests will be flying a helicopter for the first time, although we do have many repeat guests.”

“Our team of over 10 pilots from around the world is highly experienced and extremely passionate about sharing their love of the region. Our guests are provided with headsets for constant communications with our very knowledgeable pilots to make sure that they have a guided experience and are reassured should they have any nerves about flying.”

She said a helicopter flip over the Delta gives one the crystal-clear water channels meandering their way through lagoons, journey deep into the lush green flood plains exploring some of the many animal species of the Okavango region. The company operates Robinson and Bell helicopters.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that must not be missed. We remove the doors from the helicopter on scenic flights for unrestricted views, which offers great photographic opportunities.”

said like the rest of the tourism industry, they have we have been affected by border closures due to COVID- 19 lockdown.

“It should come as no surprise that Helicopter Horizons has hosted various documentary filmmakers. It is incredibly exciting to be part of any documentary involving the Okavango Delta. The first Wild Dog Hunt was filmed from one of our helicopters.”

The pilots are often called to assist in various specialist tasks including wildlife research and management as well as airlifting cargo. The company has also partnered with Rhino Conservation Botswana as well as Elephants without borders in the conservation efforts of these organizations.

“We value our place in the community and strive to give back as much and as often as we can. Our main giving back partners are Rhino Conversation Botswana (RCB), Elephants without Borders (EWB), Rhinos without Borders and Government Organizations monitoring at-risk animals. These incredible NGO’s are doing important work within the conservation field in Botswana.”

Morrison also said a Maun based operator; they have also connected with feed a Child Botswana committing to feeding numerous children within the Maun community.

“This NGO was founded in August 2012 and relies on donations to operate and is providing an incredibly important service. The organization was formed to address basic nutritional needs of the community in the populations of focus in the government’s poverty eradication programs, specifically, these are orphans and vulnerable children and the elderly with ailing health,” she highlighted.

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