Gaone Mbulawa Wins The Mascom Win-A-House Promotion Grand Prize

The Win a House promotion, a partnership between Mascom, Samsung and Cell City culminated with a grand finale last week in which Gaone Mbulawa clinched the grand prize of a 3 -bedroomed house valued at over P700 000 at Gaborone North.

The promotion which started in March 2020, was aimed at giving back to Mascom customers in a grander and different manner and thus arose the idea to give away a house, a tangible, lasting gift located in a high value location. The overall the goal was to give a prize that would be life changing and outlast the life of the winner, different from other promotions

As the three companies have a working relationship the idea was to extend the prize to Samsung and Cell City customers as well. To be eligible for promotion, first one had to purchase a Samsung phone in store at any one of the Mascom, Cell City and Samsung brand stores, and carefully fill the entry form.

Next a retail sales assistant would make a copy of the invoice and staple it together with the entry form, and place it in the entry box within the store, all in the presence of the customer. This was to ensure that all customer details are correctly entered in the entry form to avoid disqualification by way of an incorrectly filled out entry form.

Customers were also allowed to make multiple purchases of devices where each phone qualified for one entry to the promotion.

The chosen location for the house was Kgosi Residency, Gaborone North, where the newly built house was to be handed over. After receiving the names and contacts of the three finalists from the local audit firm Grant Thornton, the date was set for the 16th of March and the finalists, Bangi Koosenye, Gaone Mbulawa and Peter Chiveze gathered there for a draw.

Three doors were presented where finalists would pick out an envelope with a number on it, representing a door to open. The finalists were each given an opportunity to open the door as per their chosen envelope and the opening door would have that finalist win the house.

The runner-ups received a consolation prize consisting of Samsung

Household appliances and smart phone valued at P35 500.00. The day was graced by the Media, Area Councilor, Mascom Staff and our finalists, all in adherence to Covid-19 protocols.

There is hope that there will be another installment of this promotion as it achieved the objectives of catering to all customers at the higher and lower end of the economy as there was no price cap on the Samsung device purchased in order to qualify.

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