eBotswana rebrands to YTV

Botswana’s first commercial free to air television eBotswana, originally known as GBC was has rebranded to Ytv. The television station was established in the 60’s and was known then as Gaborone Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), and started broadcasting BBC content. In 2002 eTV bought shares in GBC rebranding the media company to eBotswana.

Yarona Media Holdings (YMH) was later to acquire eBotswana, which is now 100 percent owned by the media group which has interests in radio, print and advertising agencies.

After acquiring the Station, we did not immediately change the name because we continued for a period rebroadcasting content primarily from eTV. One of the reasons was we wanted to ensure that when we change the name it must be at a time when we have content that we believe the market currently does not benefit from, especially in terms of free to air television.

The channel presents a variety of entertainment options and has very recently partnered with Mascom to bring the English Premier League to the screens, free to air. As part of the development as eBotswana rebrands itself to YTV, YMH Executive Director Dumi Lopang announced a competition aimed at developing a new slogan for YTV.

The competition began on the 29th of September and closes on the 6th of October. The winner stands a chance to win a Blue Melrose decoder valued at P800 on which YTV can be viewed on channel 2.

“We are launching an exciting competition to celebrate the change of name of eBotswana to YTV. We do not have a payoff line or a positioning statement as of yet for the channel and our intention is that we want to involve Batswana in this process through a competition where people can email a suggested payoff line that will then go with the channel.” Lopang said announcing the competition. The invitation extends to everyone and suggestions should be sent to marketing@ebotswana.co.bw.

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