Bontle Lulu Lesiapeto Pioneers Change through PR:

In the wake of the Corona Virus global pandemic many people resorted to harnessing their passion to reduce the financial complications brought about by the crisis. But what is passion without purpose and direction? As an academic, a PR professional and now business woman, Bontle Lulu Lesiapeto is a true reflection of living one’s passion, guided by purpose and direction.

Lesiapeto discovered her passion for Public Relations whilst she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Botswana. It was then that she realized her potential and began to look for ways to exploit it and lo and behold, this was the beginning of her journey in PR.

While in University her sheer tenacity lead her to her first job as a Writer for a local newspaper and later a Public Relations Intern position in one of the largest Advertising Agencies in Botswana. Lesiapeto reveals that she lives by the old adage “be a student of life”, she explains this as opening oneself to limitless opportunities of growth and networking.

Her views on networking highlighted it as a necessity in one’s career development and success. She related a story of how she met her former employer and mentor through a networking event she once attended. “I always encourage everyone who is close to me to capitalize and maximize networking, apart from exposing you to new opportunities, it helps to foster fruitful relationships”, she added.

Post graduation, Lesiapeto embarked on a personal development journey which as she puts it “unearthed” a burning desire to start her own Public Relations Consultancy firm. As in any entrepreneurial journey, she faced a lot of trials and challenges which she persevered through. “The decision to start my own company was quite revolutionary, I realize now that all the stumbling blocks, I maneuvered through were to strengthen my character and resilience”, she said.

Lesiapeto is today an acclaimed Public Relations Consultant and Social Media Content developer. She is the founding partner of Brand Buzz and a Public Relations enthusiast who uses her social media platforms to educate and inform her audience on PR related issues. Her company Brand Buzz seeks to help companies tell their story through effective PR and Marketing strategies that will help them thrive and create positive impacts in their respective industries.

“Stories are what sells you to the world, how you tell your story determines how the world views you. At BRAND BUZZ we create relatable content and strategies that invoke conversations with intended audiences. We nurture those discussions into relationships, and eventually sales, by sharing great stories about your business told through the right type of content, delivered at the right time through the right channels. The world is constantly changing, technological revolution has permeated the business world hence this calls for Brands to adapt strategies and processes if they are to thrive-this is where we come in.”

Contrary to popular belief, unflinching Lesiapeto believes companies can still be salvaged from the impacts of the global crisis through adapting their operational strategies to the new normal.

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