Akacia Café – Art and culture blended with exquisite taste

For the food lovers, Echo Travel took a look at one of Botswana’s outstanding restaurants – Akacia Café in Maun. This café has received consistently high ratings from customers online and has had a strong online presence and regular updates.

Akacia Café is a unique café located at the Nhabe Museum in Maun. The Café offers visitors the taste of global cuisine while also appealing to Batswana by offering Setswana favorites with a twist.

“We want to be the destination for a unique Maun dining experience. Our warm and modern Botswana ambience makes a dining experience here very special.” said proprietor Ednah Rosen.

Ednah Rosen is the owner and author of cookbook ‘Taste of Botswana’ and Winner of the international cookbook awards – The Gourmand Awards 2018.

Rosen said that Akacia Café is a celebration and commitment to the beauty of Botswana.

Akacia Café offers a complete dining experience. The signature dish is the Mediterranean Plate and additionally ‘Lemon Crush’ (a health juice made out of freshly squeezed apples, lemon and ginger) is one of the most popular drinks.

“We at Akacia love music, art and culture in any form and shape. We want to establish ourselves as a cultural hub in Maun. Botswana has got so many talents and our goal is to provide a platform for them in Maun,” Rosen said.

Nhabe Museum has built 4 beautiful souvenir shops, where each shop can accommodate two vendors.

Rosen is happy about the café’s location and added that being at the museum is ideal for them together with Nhabe Museum because they have an amazing opportunity to showcase the various indigenous cultures of Botswana to a broader audience of both local culture lovers and international travellers.

Rosen shared that the aim is to make Akacia Café a cultural hub where they offer the spirit of Botswana through food, music, dance, poetry, storytelling and arts, intending to host various cultural events throughout the year.

“Akacia Café is the home of the tourists who are looking for a true authentic cultural experience,a place where they can mingle with local people and get to know us as a people.” said Rosen in conclusion.

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