Writer | Rorisang Mogojwe
Published Online | 25-1-2018
Published Physical Copies | 18-1-2018

There are important occasions when you really need to look your best beyond what your personal preference for style is. The Yarona Fm Music Awards (YAMAS) are exactly that occasion. They are the biggest event on the entertainment calendar right now and you CANNOT afford to be caught dressed down.
If you are not too sure on how to prep that killer outfit and look your best, just try these (tried and tested) style tips from the Echo style team. Red carpet fashion, celebrities and all the glitz and glamour - we’ve got your back.

Consider Dress Code
Most (if not all) awards ceremonies have a dress code. The YAMAs are a black tie event however you have the leeway to let your creative side come out and play. Stick to the rules first and then create your own style within the boundaries of the dresscode. And most importantly have fun with it. It is the entertainment industry, after all.
If in doubt, check out pictures from previous ceremonies to get a feel for what would be appropriate to wear. Again, be careful not to under-dress.

Be Original Without Sacrificing Class

  • Make it colourful. A pop of colour can be just what a dull outfit needs. Gents don’t be afraid of wandering away from the very typical black and navy. The YAMAs and other awards shows are a great occasion to break out the reds, golds and prints. You are expected to look classy, but that’s no reason to look boring so go ahead and amplify your look by adding pops of colours.
  • Make use of accessories. This is probably the easiest way to add some of your own personality to a boring outfit. You can wear a vibrant pocket square, a pair of nice cufflinks, a unique neck piece or even a cool hat or head piece, as long as it is tasteful and does not take away from the class of your garments.
  • Shoes. Because it is an award ceremony everything has to be glamorous. So stilettos on fleek. Embellished shoes that compliment your outfits are also recommended. Ladies, don't let the fashion police catch you in flats.

Style Squad
In the words of Swizz Beats “oh you fancy huh? Nails done, hair done, everything did…” well maybe you can’t afford to have a style squad (stylist, make-up artist, nail technician etc.) to glam you up and that’s Ok. BUT it is important to have a nicely made up face (simple is always best), well-groomed hair and clean, polished nails. There will be cameras EVERYWHERE just snap snapping away so there is no room for a bad hair do or chapped lips. Yes, it’s lots of pressure but looking good comes with a price.

Kill It With Confidence
The YAMAs are a great networking opportunity for those with interests in the arts and entertainment industry. They are also an opportunity to put your best foot forwards and be seen. You already have that outfit on lock, but it won’t be any good if you don’t show confidence in what you are wearing. Own that outfit, stay classy and kill them with confidence. And remember to smile: it’s tax-free.